Thrall gets OVER FOCUSED on what it wants to attack VS what it can reach to attack

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE
Region: America
Mods?: No
Edition: Steam

Bug Description:

Thralls focus on one target that they have selected instead of swinging at whatever is close. When the thrall is on Guard Area or Guard Me, the thrall will choose to attack whatever attacked first. However, this isn’t always the closest to the thrall or the only enemy attacking. I have noticed several times now that the thrall will stop and stare at the enemy it wants to hit even though it can’t reach it because other enemies or thralls are in the way. As a result, instead of just swinging the sword and attacking whatever is close that is attacking, the thrall does absolutely nothing until it can reach the one enemy it wants.

If a thrall is set to Guard Me or Guard Area, it shouldn’t just focus on one thing only, and it needs to learn to multitask a bit. If an enemy is attacking and close, swing at it. I have died so many times because my thrall would stand and do nothing while 3 or 4 things are beating on me, and the one enemy the thrall has picked it can’t reach. Giving the thrall a new command to attack something else helps but sometimes that makes things worse since you can only point at what is close to you, not what is close to the thrall that it can reach.

Follow barroom fight rules: If it is the enemy and attacking, swing at the closest enemy unless commanded to do something else.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Let three or more enemies attack you while thrall is on Guard Me or Guard Area
  2. Watch the thrall as it focuses on attacking just one thing only regardless of whether it can reach it or not.
  3. Run like hell and hope the thrall catches up ( it never does ).
  4. Run in circles and hope the thrall helps ( it chases but doesn’t do much )
  5. Do your best to kite the correct mob into the thrall and hand-deliver it to the thrall ( sometimes works ).
  6. Command the thrall to attack something close to it instead. that sometimes works if you are lucky enough to target the right thing, BUT once that is dead, the thrall picks another enemy that it can’t reach. So you are back to step 2. above.

They have this problem a lot in New Asagarth too, where the AI pathfinding doesn’t know how to use the open doors to access the houses, and a thrall will just stand staring at a wall with enemies on the other side, while enemies on the same side whale on them with impunity.

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Also when equipping a melee weapon and a bow; After selecting to prioritize melee the slave will prefer to use a bow despite having the enemy at 2 meters, I would like him not to switch to the bow until the enemy is out of his pursuit range or at another level of height at which he cannot arrive but for the moment equipping two weapons only hinders them and the same in reverse where when prioritizing distance I would like them to use the melee weapon when they enter their pursuit area.

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