Thrall growing rate probabilty

I would have to do some really deep diving, but I think the whole process has so many areas where Funcom is trying to control RNG based on the roll %, that it really ends up being even more fubar RNG. And i would have to verify , but I think it is set up not to give you a point in every stat when they level. And i think the % really just line up the order everything roles. So highest % rolls first, and so on untill on gets a hit. The problem with that is the lowest will always get a hit if the other 4 :“failed”. hence why it seem that the 40% seems to be “hitting” more than it should.

STr 80%
Agi 60%
Vit 70%
ACC 40%
SRV 50%

I think it rolls, STR, Vit, Agi,SRV, ACC in that order for thsi lay out.
So if STR, Vit, Agi, and SRV miss, ACC has to get at least 1 point if you level. Then since it got the 1 point, it gets the “free” roll and could possibly get a second. Again, just a guess, but i have seen games use the weight “skip” mechanic, and if 1 point is guaranteed every level, then the last one is the fall back if all others fail, and the 40% has nothing to do with it.

Side note, I have seen 100% not hit on some levels. Which means 100% is not 100%. so it just might be like ■■■ panther cologne from Anchorman, but reversed to 100% of the time it works 60% of the time.

I’ve had a thrall get 2 points in all stats on one level-up. It’s a pity that trend didn’t continue on her future level-ups.

So far I haven’t seen a level-up without any stat increase (I don’t write down all thrall stats each level, but I do pay enough attention to all level-ups that I would’ve noticed), although there have been level-ups with only one.

Yes I see stats increase two points in a level fairly often. I normally notice the strength and vitality ones. I originally believed that it was when I had a high percentage on that stat, but this does not seem the case at all. So it is not a simple equation at all, I do like the theory stated by WhatMightHaveBeen it has some sense to it. Interesting to see, I was thinking certain thrall do have a higher total number of percentage increase points while the top tier are often more limited (it is harder to get a Berserker with over 80% strength increase than a Lian).

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