Thrall Growth % Chance Bugged?

Ive got a pet sabre with a 52% growth chance in vitality, feeding it savoury meat gives +14% growth chance, giving it overall 66% growth chance.

Disclaimer, i am aware you feed thralls/pets each time they level up and until you see the +‘X’ in brackets next to their growth.

I have levelled this thing up to level 11. And it has only levelled up it’s vitality once, and that was because I took the meat out after realising it was not levelling up it’s vitality at all with 66% growth. Yes theres a 34% chance it wont, but probability suggests otherwise. And it is interesting that it’s vitality levelled once i removed the food that gives it +14% growth.

This update has messed with alot of things. Please take a look at this issue. This has also happened on other thralls and pets too.

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Could be that, could be just bad luck with RNG.

Had one of those ridiculous RNG freak-outs just recently when i decided to level up a wight in my single-player game. Just check out what it was supposed to be leveling up (it was fed +Vitality food the whole time) and what it actually did.

Honestly just looks like bad luck to me.

66% chance isn’t high. On Average you would get the increase 2 out of 3 times, but the sample size (here 11 levels) is not significant enough for reality to align on probabilities.

If you had to level up a follower for 3000 levels then yes you would have a result closer to this 2/3 times, with your follower getting vitality close to 2000 times out of the 3000; but with only 11 iterations, it’s unreliable and just bad luck. And yes it’s dumb and unlucky, but it’s just RNG being uncool :notlikethis:

The odds of leveling up 11 times and getting 1 vitality at 66% is approximately 1 out of 6666. Quite low, but still well within realistic bad luck.

Get rid of that freaking thing, @Chrysa1is ! It will bring bad mojo to your base! :smile:

Theres a bug with pets. They for some reason are passively producing meat and honey in their inventories… just checked my rhino and it had 2 stacks of honey, pork, savoury, feral and exquisite meat in its inventories. Id argue its tampering and bugging our growth chances.

Is there a thrall pot nearby?
Animals like to steal from it, no matter what food is in there. Hares munching on human flesh? No problem!

Ah yeah there is. Didn’t think that a rhino would take meat. Fair enough! Haha

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