Thrall Guard Patrol Routes

Like the title suggests, and I am sure many have stated before, patrol routes for thralls would be interesting. Hear me out. The thralls are scripted to follow the player and to teleport when too far away already. Npcs all have scripted audio cues, regular patrol routes, scouting routes, etc.
Maybe adding too many options os too much, but maybe a “Point A to Point B to Point C…” (and so on) option, and/or a “Point A to Point B” (and loop back) option.

This has to have already been brought up before, but I want to shed a personal view to it.


I actually think it’s not a problem to make a thrall run a defined route. this is possible with the current implementation of the game (see patroling NPCs).
the question is: how a player defines the points of a route and is a thrall assign to such a route? so rather the setup side of the medal

Depending on how thralls are handled by the game, a waypoint system similiar to “Neverwinter Nights” (if you’re familiar with it) might work. It would require internal tags or a variable on the thralls that could be modified by the player.
Alternatively a checkbox in the thrall’s inventory page, that when checked lets the thrall walk randomly around within a set distance. This wouldn’t create a patrol route, but at least it would allow for some walking.


Put some sticks with grass on top ) In fact there is a NPC Spawner in Joshtech’s Pippi, which limits NPC’s radius of wandering around some point. If there are several “markers” which player can put then it will be a route for his Thrall assigned to them.

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