Thrall improvement

Here is an idea:

how about giving the ability to build a structure, a command outpost persay, that would allow to go into aerial view and command thralls like in a strategy game.

i am fairly new to this game, but the thralls seem dumb and broken.

now imagine playing kingdom under fire with your thralls and pets, that would give a whole new meaning to the thrall minigame.


That’s probably a little too ambitious for this game. Besides, conan isn’t an RTS. If you want an RTS go play conan unchained.

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well yea, its not an RTS, neither is kingdom under fire, i stil think it would be hella fun to move around your thralls like units, what else do you have them for, glorified sentry guns?

you could also add content doable only by an army of thralls,
siege weaponary thralls,
horse cavalery thralls,
differently equipped thralls?

teh fact your thralls are not getting you resources is stupid af aswell. add zones where certain resources are claimable, put slaves to work at them to have a nonstop resrouce gain and force people to actualy fight for places.

i think adding a mini rts thing like in spell force / kenshi would be amazing

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