Thrall limits explained (poorly)

Wow that is tiny thrall limits for some private servers.

Below is what I do on my private run (3) servers and has no relations to the Official Server discussion in this thread.

I have not check the limit on the server I play on occasionally, but I have a limit of 300 on my servers. 50 +25 (although no clan is at 10 players) Most clans are 3 or below so the cap would be up to 125. I put the cap in 2019 to give flexibility for players/clans and never thought it about it since.

I also allow players to build up to 25k. All the clans beyond my clan is below 12k. Majority below 5k. So buildings has not been an issue. My clan also has many server built locations that includes a testing area for people to view modded / vanilla / dlc structures so overall the clan exceeds 33k. Advantages of being owner of the server. (Gportal servers)

The largest clan of 9 had 93 thralls / pets. My clan (with admins included) has 8 members and 91 thralls / pets. The next highest clan is 4 members with larger number of followers has 96 thralls / pets (odd the smaller clan has more than 2 biggest ones). Overall, most clans have very few followers numbering 20 and less.

Nice thing about private servers, the server owners make those decisions on what they think is best.

I did have a wipe in 2019 but it was due to a bugged mod crafting station which was not known at the time of the cause of the server instability. Players voted for the wipe. Although the players who voted for the wipe most ended up stop playing and I had a new set of players. Odd how that worked.

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Funny, that’s precisely why I generally stay away from private servers. Some of them set up really unreasonable restrictions. I’m not talking about your server, by the way, just remembering some I visited.

Its always a give and take. The more mods you add the more restrictive you have to be. And when I say more mods I mean ones that add a ton of new building pieces and placeables, or custom pets and mounts. Basically anything that adds to the item tables will begin to bloat the database at a near exponential level.

But vanilla isn’t immune to this either. We have updates and DLCs that have quadrupled the amount of items since 2017. So all this takes its toll.

I will say this though, 2.4 should have some things to make this better for all servers. I know many in this thread think Funcom should dump G-Portal, and I agree 110%. But our opinions on that is irrelevant. Even Funcom’s opinion is irrelevant. They likely have contractual obligations. So they can’t affect hardware on officials, its outside their venue.

So they have to mess with settings, and try to optimize as best they can. They are doing both. They are trying. Hopefully we’ll see results.

That is true. I have very few restrictions on my servers (3) and currently have 46 mods (mostly building types) so you can say bloat. I have not had any major issues since Nov 2019 with a mod item that was broken, otherwise server seems to run fine since. I did have 58 mods at one time (before Siptah). One of the servers I occasionally play on is like my server of light restrictions and she has 58 mods last I checked.

Such as 300 Cap thralls, 25k building limit, no decay (last one is more work for me when I need to clean up structures of players been gone 4+ months (for those below 20) High level players/clans I tend to keep much longer. Grant you, no one hit any of those caps outside my clan with 35k building pieces (oddly before Pippi’s patch was 33k…most likely its a bug in count before or after, no idea).

Also I still use Gportal.

Note our servers are never packed so probably helps with any potential issues. At most I had in the past 12 months was 11-12 players online at once. Typically lately it may peak at 4 now-a-days. Player base is pretty casual here.

I build my original design concepts on the Official Servers and re-do them with better concepts and modded styles on my servers in the same location usually.

Ofc it will, but I’m not so sure it’s due to all the “hard” work at FC tho.

If Players like my leave that have far far more then 50 thralls/Pets, then that it in self will reduce the load on the servers over time, so did FC fix the real issue then, no, they just pissed of more playes to quit.

But for now and until who knows when I will update the bases only so they are there “lagging” the servers and no ones there to care.

Logged on this morning, it was me and 1 new player online, last time I logged in a few evening ago, it was ME and ME alone.

That’s how much ppl play these days, at most we where 10+ active that talked too each other, no there are next too none.

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My server is dead also. Its rare now to see 3 or 4 people online. I just log in to refresh, since I wont be doing anything until the patch. Once I see which way the wind blows, most likely I will just let it rot and find a different game to play.

I noticed this game has many peaks and valleys. It does not have a steady player base like MMOs tend to have. Which may be good or bad, no idea. I seen many players return after long periods being away.

On the other note, there may be too many servers for the population available (official and private combined) which dilutes the population in many servers. Also people like myself play on a number of servers so not always seen on one particular server when playing.

Steam numbers only

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They could cut the number of official servers by 90% (going from around 500 servers to 50) and still have empty servers with the average being a little less than half full.

I’ve actually suggested they cut their servers drastically. It would get more players playing with each other. Make the experience overall better (moderation of 50-75 servers is much easier than 500+). And even grow the server base there.

But telling the current players that only 1 out of 9 servers is going to survive is a tough pill to swallow. Though… with server transfer… maybe not so much. I didn’t really think about that before. But that’s for another thread. You all can bring that up there.

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Ah the diehard Game developer did-no-wrong fans vs hackers being all that’s left. Fallout 76. Bethesda, Neil Druckman, Electronic Arts. Verve!

Only official server I would say / recommend removing servers that have literally no active players (server is devoided of player structures) and shift the entire player based on the database to another lightly filled server so if and when they do return, their character will be still available but on a new server. This way, no one starts in a completely empty server.

No idea if there is any server that fits that description, but if there is even 5, it will be a start.

The 2 official servers have people between 1 and 20’s at various times. Not heavily populated like before but no where dead either. Just it may seem dead at times though since it bounces up and down.

How many official servers are there anyway, per region?

Depends on the region. You can see this yourself. Sort by Official and region and then watch the number of servers once it stops.

If you use no filter, and only sort by officials, it will cap out and not show all of them, but there’s 535ish total. So you’ll need to use at least one filter.

That’s simple :smiley:

SWG Legends :slight_smile:

Probably a great game but I hate starting way behind everyone else. One of the reasons I liked CE so much was that I got in from day one.
I am just seeing what is coming out this year or in Beta right now.

We won’t distinguish between PvE and PvP modes.

:thinking: :-1:

nope they will just spam build more then they already doing now, you take away one defense will create another way for them to find a way to cause mega lag even more with more spam building… its more then just the thralls that add the lag to the servers. just a easy escape goat they pointing at… and opening up a door with this and server xfer to even more strip away the defense of the base to open the doors for the exploiters to come in and run a muck.

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Exactly correct. Put a few hundred standing torches in one place and see what happens.

Alright, I’ll bite. What happens? To the server performance, I mean.


Well if they spam torches everywhere just proves what a :bell: they are then don’t it, and i still agree on thrall limit seen a player spam over 300 pets around a small base and the lag was unreal.

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Just do me a favor, look it up :smiley:

It’s not EVE where you “lag” behind anyone and compared to Conan, you can’t get bored EVER. That much I can promise you.

Should you like too try it, PM me and I will give you some “help” along the way :smiley:

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FPS = zero