Thrall Management table

So people are mentioning having a rough time with their thralls now that the limit has been reduced. Some issues include losing thralls/pets underground or losing them out in the wild somewhere. Thus not being able to get rid of them.

I suggest some sort of table or craft that the player can make that will allow them to see the list of all personal thralls/pets and will allow the player to break chains with them regardless of where they are in the world. I say personal, as I’m sure no one wants a disgruntled clan member to walk in one day and disband every thrall/pet a clan owns.

To keep it lore friendly I would imagine the table or craftable variation would have some sort of interaction with bracelets. How this would work with pets? I’ll leave that up for debate/determination.

I will admit that I don’t know how the coding behind the thrall system works currently or if such a thing is attainable without too much of a work-around but I do believe that it would be a nice feature to have and something that could possibly be expanded upon in the future.

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