Thrall nerf is way too much

You are OK with broken bosses and broken rest of the PvE, but you are not okay with broken bosses and fixed rest of the PvE?

Then leave the thrall home , why do you need it anyway?


So the issue for you is the arena champion is too strong, not the thrall is too weak. Having tested it myself, Lian melted the arena champion. I had to shield him for a small bit. Meanwhile he did not move from full hp against the warmaker boss.

Okay but on the other side of the fence, some people are feeling that your argument ruins their whole game. They feel as passionate as you

No, it’s barely noticeable, they are still strong and they still have a huge amount of health.
If you really think this breaks the game, all i can say, even if it sounds vague, Get good, learn to move, learn the already basic combat mechanics of this game, overcome the odds, and there you go, now you are playing, not your thrall.

“But, but you can leave your thrall at home, and you can use stone weapons, how about that?”

How about understanding some basic game psychology first? if i wanted to play to stay at level one and avoid every kind of improvement to my character and it’s development only to have a more challenging experience, that would be dumb, because it’s not about that, it’s about to explore and improve every part of the character to actually have a chance against the world and other players, not to find an OP thrall at lvl 21, and let it do everything for me to get my “instagratification”, which to be honest, serves a purpouse but cycles the game very fast and causes many other problems.

Test the patch, guys, is not that bad. Really.


This is a testlive Lian, this is still a godly thrall that has melted everything i’ve put infront of it.


Because I like this gameplay feature. I like having a companion. I like levelling them up. And in general, I don’t see why I should restrict myself in gameplay features. I want play everything that the game offers me. And I want everything to be very well balanced.

NO ive been picking their arguements apart for their reason to implement something. In this case a player buff.

As ive said we already have a buff mechanic in game and it works well.

Its not my fault people dont understand it.

As do I my way not yours. Conversation over , this has been the rudest comment section, you all attacking anyone who does not see things your way, advise for many of us who have many hours and do not need your advise on our builds or how we play. If anyone has a different view or tries to explain their builds you and others make fun of them and do your best to make them leave. Yes and sure one of you will flag my comment again as it does not suit your views.


:confused: thats not helpful feedback

If you don’t want to have a challenging fight in the game, why not just play SP. Just admin all the stuff. Waaaaaayyyyy quicker that way. Isn’t that the core of most against this re balance? that it will eat up their game time? Just admin and build as much as you want. But this is Conan. And Robert has stated before how they try to stay as close to [all] the source materials with everything they do. And making us fighters and not viewers is staying close to the lore of the Conan universe. Not a farming/building simulator.

Wine cellar run with a RHTS on testlive.

Fights like the Arena Champion (is there anything else really quite like this? :P) showcase “weakness” of players relative to Followers both before and after the patch. In many boss fights, a player can stand in and get some significant swipes in at bosses (let’s say Red Mother), with a tougher thrall standing in and sort of holding the boss when the player steps out of the fight to recover. This type of fight, with a strong and well-equipped thrall, can be run similarly. The fight is longer, and chances of losing the thrall are increased, but the same strategy as before more or less works.

Maybe that is saying the change isn’t really achieving the goal? Note that some thralls are much more heavily nerfed in terms of vitality (look at a high level Dalinsia -losing more than half her health after patch versus a high level Janos which loses relatively little, and then a treasure seeker who at high level actually is stronger now that before). Something seems out of whack in terms of certain thralls being really flattened compared to what they were with others actually getting stronger (in terms of health only, all seem to have taken a damage dealing hit).

Fights with the Arena Champion are more drastic after the patch. Both before and after the player is practically worthless in the fight (outside of some well timed, fast connection knockdowns), but now the thrall may melt away especially if it was one of the worst nerfed thralls - unless bathed in healing arrows. This highlights something devs wishing to tone down thralls may want to look harder at, the healing arrows keeping thralls up through fights and keeping the “player from being the hero” unless a hero is he who flings healing arrows the most. Anyway this fight stands out as problematic relative to other boss fights anyway, where a player getting hit (one or two shotted by arena champion) basically cannot get back in to retrieve items from their corpse, so can be seen as a good example to showcase how big the thall change can be at its worst, or could be ignored as an extreme encounter that should be balanced independently anyway.

Long and short, I can see why players complain of thralls being nerfed too hard, some of it may be from particular thralls getting hit far worse than others (especially higher level thralls whose health to vitality formula was gutted). On the other hand I see that with tough (still tough) and well equipped thralls, and with the problematic unequalizer healing arrow, many or most bosses can still be solo’d by the thrall while the player lazes about launching a healing arrow now and again (not so heroic for the player “hero”). Seems like if this is to be improved upon, players need more staying power themselves in boss fights, thralls need to be more evenly “nerfed” or balanced (health to vitality formulas are realllllly out of whack here, 77.4 health per vitality for Dalinsia, 128 for treasure seekers, and 110 for Janos), and -if player staying power is increased- maybe damage for thralls could actually come down a little yet in some cases. I think the “hidden” damage modifier for thralls should be removed, that just seems problematic for testing and comparisons, why doesn’t the thrall with higher strength just do more damage than the thrall with lower strength? as well.

Anyway appreciate the attempt to make players more heroic, so far it tones down the heroism for thralls a bit (more for some than others, I posted on these irregularities elsewhere) but doesn’t really do anything to make the player seem more heroic as far as I can tell. Also have not tested serious purges, I suspect some of those may result in increased casualties among the thrall guards I’ve set up but have not tested that yet.


You sir are the MVP. Thank you for putting into words what I could not.

It seems Funcom is reliable about taking anything “special” in the game and completely neutering it. So all those long hours of hunting the mounds for Snowhunter seem wasted. Those hours spend leveling her, in vain. I think it is better to think of thralls not as things that steal our thunder, because let’s be honest we can keep them from doing that if we want to, but rather an extension of our character. Same as any weapon we craft, loot, or win in the world. And if I want to let her kill a boss without much help from me that’s my choice. Someone else thinks it’s not playing the right way? I don’t think that’s fair. If I am forced to take that much time to farm her up and level her to 20 she darn well better hit like a truck. Just my humble opinion.

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So what you’re saying is that I was right and realise how ignorant your constant assuming sounded?

bro, honestly read into that however you want. You’ve made up your mind about everything else i say so idgaf honestly

For those who are supporting this thrall nerf update, are you sure that is a good idea? Do you know why the thralls were so strong in the first place?

The AI is broken and complete garbage. Funcom implemented outsourced code or crap APIs for a huge chunk of their game logic. Why do you think they’re unable to roll out fixes that are actually effective or without breaking something else?

Most of the time, the thralls will refuse to help you in fights and GET STUCK. You have many people defending this game but let me tell you, that won’t help anyone. Those who are saying their thrall works fine, your AI is no different to ours, and we know it’s broken/thrash. Fact is, the devs at funcom are not the best at their jobs, and the codebase is as I’ve said implements rubbish or is so messt it’s barely maintainable.

That said, it is necessary for the thralls to be strong. We spend half the time trying to get them to fight, so is that not a nerf in itself? In fact, if the nerf did come around and the AI stopped getting stuck and actually helped, they’d be MORE EFFECTIVE than the thralls of today.

So if this nerf is to come around, AT LEAST FIX THE DAMN AI. Write your own code Funcom! Scrap your trash APIs and framework. Hire people who know what they’re doing and make it all in house! Or do what many have suggested… Buff the players more so that we won’t have to rely on trash AI??

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