Thrall nerf to far?

Uhh… this is OT but I’ll risk it:

English isn’t your first language so this can be forgiven but ignorant or ignorance is not an offensive word! It only is in the same way every other is - by it’s use… even the word “love”. And although you acted all offended and reacted I didn’t think he meant it beratingly - just factually - which was correct BTW. :slight_smile:

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I permit myself to quote this from your reply…And express my latest 3.0 experience with the first thrall i lvl…I really look forward in a PvE environment for one of my thralls to go under 50% hp. Yes, did not said die :slight_smile: because that will never happen in a PvE enviroment.

I went with my lvl 1 Varet in the storm(Siptah), gathered a bunch of Migo’s around (cause imo those are the most dangerous creatures in the storm atm) and let him loose. A bunch of other storm creatures gathered/spawned and for the first time i saw my thrall hp going under 80%. I only use Wolf helmet + Chest, rest 3 pieces of armor are the starting rags :stuck_out_tongue:

SO, opposite to the OP. I think u did not went the entire mile with thrall nerfing. Still op as fck :slight_smile: And rumors has it that i can have 2 of them in Age of Sorcery! (Have not touched the Authority System yet…PS: Could we get more inventory spots?) :stuck_out_tongue:
I think Marcospt does not like having casualties when going to war!

Isn’t there a thrall limit implemented on Officials?

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To be fair, FC is really BAD when it comes to balance.
Not that they can’t get stuff right, eventually.
But most cases I’ve seen, it’s like fixing your computer with a hammer.
0-60 in 2s, instead of using Testlive to do things in stages and find something optimal.

Quite a lot of things that got nerfed heavily, that could be adjusted a bit better than they currently are, but so they aren’t so pathetically useless.

Healing Waterskin, seems to me could give you several HP per second, over 10 seconds or so. Instead of a simple +1 HP per drink (cause seriously, wtf good is that?). You can’t use it before combat, or during combat. One hit ruins the effect. And honestly, +20 or +30 HP recovery for a drink of water, isn’t game breaking.

Aloe Extract gives you 120 over 5 seconds, so nobody can say 20 to 30 over 10 seconds is awful compared to that. Even the Weak Aloe Extract gives you 80 over 5s.

But…I mean…RHTS are like…insanely easy to farm?
Literally just kill the drunk in the Wine Cellar and you can snag one.
Break time is what…10 hours with the top tier Taskmaster.
Greater Wheel can break 8 at a time.
You can stockpile RHTS easily in a chest and only bring out 3 at a time to zombie.
You literally would never run out of these zombies.

Well, I dunno the respawn times on the Wine Cellar for these guys. But you should be able to clear them pretty easily. And who isn’t stockpiling stuff like this, knowing about the zombies, so they should have plenty of a surplus before the update rolls out.

Even just breaking 8 in 10 hours, you’ve got enough zombies to nearly cover 3 weeks, and that’s only with one Greater Wheel. Two would bump you up to 5 weeks.

Current thralls were overpowered (read: Nobody would have used the zombies.)

So, thrall nerf, now everyone will use the zombies, promotes the Sorcery content, doesn’t it?
Thralls might still be relatively similar with Max authority.
But zombies become the new meta.

It’s actually pretty insane when you consider the power levels of current thralls vs zombies in 3.0, and see how close it is. Because if it is close, then this nerf becomes a joke. They replaced OP with OP focused around a new style of gameplay.


Thralls should not find a place in PvP servers and Offline raiding should be banned. Then you will not need those ridiculous amounts of thralls.
I have pended between PvE-C servers and PvP private servers, but my game play has always been PvE orientated. I would just need more time to kill your 12k hp thralls.
My 2 cents about the thrall “nerf” when it comes to PvP …Is a good chance but sadly it won’t change anything as long as Offline raiding is not prohibited. It only fastens the raiding speed for alpha clans and kinda kills the solo pvpers on Officials.
(aren’t god bubbles still a thing?)

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:))))) Really?
The above shows my amount of knowledge around PvP servers :))))

well you can tweak it. Put a timer on it. Like 10 minutes after log out of last clan member base is vulnerable.
Or have building dmg reduced by 90% while offline. Make offline raiding more expensive.
I mean, options there are.

Yes, thats how i remember it :slight_smile:

Maybe your barking around the wrong change? :stuck_out_tongue:
(i just got the notice of DM instead of reply’s) rofl

They already have the setting dynamic building damage in the game. It’s just not turned on for official servers. I believe it’s a 30 min window you can be raided after logging out maybe 1 hr not sure. Either way I’d be interested to see how it turns out even if it was a few dedicated servers for it.

well actual state of game is around 20mn if raided by a clan for very well built defensive pvp base (at exception of keyhole) , thralls give you 10mn more. with 3.0 we will be beetwen 5 to 10mn before having your base wiped and all your guards dead.

exactly that the problem

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Imagine if they made static NPC base guards. And thralls you can break are relegated to only being companions for the player.

The base thralls have fixed stats.
The only thing the player can influence is their position, weapon used, armor worn, and food in inventory.

Português PT-BR Você fala sobre não ter Raid Off por que não deve logar muito no servidor quem não logar fica sem base assim que é divertido ou entra no PVP ou não fica com sua base em servidor pvp. Invasão OFF não é Hecatombe, uma questão que gostaria que a funcom atualizasse era a pausa da proteção do Deus queria muito que isso não funcionasse nessa forma em que está. Hoje se você deixa uma bolha de proteção do Deus em pausa consegue evitar muito Raid, evitar a invasão dessa forma com todos Thralls hoje é complicado não é? Com 3.0 será ótimo para todos que gostam de PVP base é consequencia porém a funcom deveria REMOVER o play de todos os templos. Exemplo: Se iniciar o Deus ou a Proteção de bolha NÃO poderá pausar somente parar ou iniciar, por que a pausa no templo acaba muito com a gameplay do PVP oficial. @Funcom_Community

Sorcery - this is why. In 3.0 when Purge targets your base you just leave it to plunder and take a portal to your another base :sunglasses:


Português PT-BR @erjoh Por favor confira como são os zumbi ou mortos vivos no vídeo, espero ter ajudado.


Português PT-BR

Favor leia a atualização sobre os ajustes das armas

i am going to try pull a 3.0 berserker purge and test base defence in a t3 structure.

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