Thrall nerfing PVP vs PVE simple solution

Honest post here.
like we have a “NPC damage multiplier”, create one for player thralls as well and also one for thrall HP

Set it by default lower on PVP servers than PVE and let admins tweak it to best suit their players.


just need to nerf thrall dmg to players by 75% and nothing more…

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Yes, you could, but seeing how high the discussions are flying over here, why not give the control to the players?

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As a seasoned software dev, if I learned one thing is “never assume you know better than the end-user”
If you can (safely) give control to them, you must.

YES : control to the admins, please !
This would fit PVP/PVE and solo/coop situations, so why not .

NPC will be nerfed next patch, they already said it in the testlive patchnote, and a better solution would be a setting “Thrall damage on player” and another for the PvE

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I know that.
And a lot of people are not OK with that.
So what I propose is a simple alternative.

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I would love to see Funcom engage with their fanbase on this @Ignasi

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