Thrall on follow keep dying in the volcano

at that bridge, where the armorer in front of an archer spawn, they sops in the top of t he stairs, then a message of your xxxx who was following you has died, the body nowhere to be found… this started to happen after last hotfix.

do you mean this big bridge where there used to be only 2 archers?
has it happened to you more than once?

yes,. twice , one time after the other.

ok good to know thanks for sparing me a good thrall, hope this will get fixed soon.
i’m gonna then try to get there with my least important thrall and will come back to share what happened.

You didn’t confirm about the bridge though…just want to make sure this is the one location.

I went with a follower there and everything was fine. hope i won’t have any bad surprise next time though…

did you fought the archer and armorer, and saw the thrall standing ion top of those stairs?

i did the same twice with the same result., reason i brought it here

yeah i fought the archer and the armorer on the bridge right before the stairway, but there is no other archer on top of the stairs for me so this must be an other spot i guess. I had made a screen in case but can’t seem to find it, will see later if i think about it

My follower died too in the end, when i was looting the archer i heard her screaming and got the pop up “she died”. Guess she just teleported to a place where she shouldn’t have… But thanks to your post she had Nothing too important in her pockets.

Hope this will get fixed soon.

did you notice where it teleported? cause in both istances i was unable to see the body, first one lost crom sword. :frowning:

@Community for visibility purposes.

No Nothing , right Under the bridge i guess. This bridge is extremely glitchy as you know, and followers are having great trouble Walking on it sometimes (i saw her Walking on the very very side of the bridge yesterday) and also the teleportation mechanic can be wonky.

My gues is that i spent too much time on the edge of the bridge where i normally try to go as fast as possible. The teleportation was waiting for a valid point to land but the result was what you know…

i crossed this bridge 10 times yesterday without any issue except the weird tp and pathfinding but apparently today Something messed up the AI or the teleportation mech.

Hey there,

We’ll send this to our team. They’re aware of some sports in which there shouldn’t be lava damage and are usually death traps for AI and players alike, plus some spotty AI pathfinding in general.

Thanks for your feedback. :slight_smile:


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