Thrall perk system is does not work either

**Game mode:**Online official |
Type of issue: Bug |
Server type: | PvE]
Region: [1021 pve EU]

perk system of thralls is broken, example lvl 10 named thrall braggi the bold
strenght 12~3 bonus
than below in hes stats it says:
Strenght melee damage bonus: 9%
like??? really… that does not add up, that is a penalty!!!
and it should sholul say 90% or in this case 12+3= 15 = 150% melee strenght bonus!.

he also has a accuracy of 47 +3 bonus
and than below it says:
accuracy ranged bonus 38%
38% ??? how??? how does 47 add up to 38%, and than even worse how does 47 +3 add up to 38% ??

the whole pet and thrall perk system is bugged!!!..

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:
1.make a thrall level it up too lvl 10-15-20

and why in gods name i cannot post a screenshot/link to steam. it would be so much easier, a picture speaks a 1000 words!!!

Burning, sorry about the frustration, I feel your pain. There is an unseen multiplier for attributes for thralls, unlike pets, that Firespark pointed out in a few videos on YouTube. He described them well and they vary quite a bit. In general, the harder it is to obtain the thrall, the higher the multiplier.

Braggi is from a relatively low level area and suffers for that. If you farm, say, the mounds or the volcano, the multiplier goes up quite a bit.

As to your second question, linking and posting screenshots is a deterrent to spam or offensive material and @Ignasi or @Hugo can elevate your privileges when they get in. It’s certainly not personal :slight_smile:



Points in each area don’t give 1 for 1 bonus percentage, meaning if you have 38 strength, you won’t have 38% increase in strength. This is for game balance reasons i believe. Also is you have thralls that did 150% damage increase, every boss would get killed in less than 30 seconds by any of the higher thralls. Dalinsia at base no strength does 3.9X damage, if you added 150% that would be absolute insanity no matter what weapon you put on her. Also that +3 accuracy is already accounted for by the 47, whenever your thrall gets a bonus to an area, it is added into the overall area and shows where it came from. This is why it’s not changing its percentage Aswell as shows you aren’t hitting 50. You have 44 accuracy before the perk and now have 47.

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Hello @burning, the current follower stats and perks system is working as intended, however, if you have any feedback to share regarding its current balance please post it in the suggestions forums:

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