Thrall Perks: Choosing between a three or four

I think that perk system for the Thralls can be pretty frustrating, depending of your luck.
In my current game, all the Thralls that I leveled got the wrong perks. Archers with Strength, Fighters with Accuracy, and so on.
Can we get a choice between three or four perks when the Thrall reach the milestone? That way is still RNG involved, but you can at least have several choices.

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I like this idea. Even a choice between two options would be good enough, as it would largely negate the chance to get an actually negative perk, even if it doesn’t result in a useful one.


I d rather have archer perks limited to archers and fighter perks limited to fighters. If i had to choose.

Idealy, some choise plus class specific perk table would nice.

But seeing perks obviously meant for a specific class being randomly attributed to followers of an other class, ruining their attributes in the process is a bad design. We pretty much all agree on that.

I get the randomness being meant as a way to incite players to level many thralls to get better set of perks. It is a way to increase the game’s longevity. At least, that is how i understood the devs intended it when they presented this feature. And i’m cool with the idea.
But having your thralls attributes trashed by random perks on a consistant basis doesn’t improve game’s longevity. It shortens it.
Because why bother to level a thrall if you are pretty much allways guarantied the frustration of seeing its attribute wasted away by that random perk ?
I dont personnaly.

So, when your design acheive the opposite of what you intended, the way it has been implemented failed and should be changed.

Adding player choises is one way.
Having some level of class restriction is another.
And they are not mutualy excluding.


better yet have armor and weapon to determine what pool of perk that would be for the best … thus if you want to have a fighter thrall in all strength you equip him in all strength gear and weapon … archer the same accuracy … if you need more vitaity just equip with all vitaity gear and level them out … would be a neat way to do it.

Gear bonuses, foods you give your thrall; the bonus % to stats. Those factors should give the game the desired pool you want your perks from. It’s not like picking them per say, but it at least keeps them relevant.

Although if they won’t pool them based on the above randomly give 3 choices and let us pick the best of the bad choices we will likely still get. That way we can have a chance for it.

Another option is let us combine a lesser and greater thrall. Same type but greater keeps perk and lesser gives %. That way we can mash up two thralls to be a better. If not maybe a leveling tier/generation method.

Two tier 1 into a tier 2, cap out at named tier 4. Set a cool down on how often we can do it like level, 5,10,15,20 being the times you can do it. Making them 4th gen/4th tier.

So effectively thrall combine like
(1+1)(1+1) + (1+1)(1+1)
(2+2) +(2+2)

This makes all tier thralls worth it, as well as let’s us reroll bad perks In a pseudo way which is time consuming but fun. There are so many options to choose from, but anything is better than how broken it currently is…

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