Thrall perks, my first 15

So Ive been playing around leveling up some high end fighters for my base, since Funcom decided “no one needs 400 thralls to guard a base”. After deleting our clans 1500 thralls and pets that we had, Ive been slowing replacing them.

After a couple weeks of leveling fighters, all I can say is literally, what the f***. Look at this list of my first 15 fighters:

Dalinsia Snowhunter:

  1. +3 accuracy, +3 survival and +3 agility, +3 vitality and +3 agility
  2. +3 agility, -5 strength and +8 vitality, -3 strength and +5 accuracy
  3. +3 agility, -5 strength and +8 vitality, -3 strength and +5 accuracy
  4. +3 survival, -3 agility and +5 strength, +5 survival and -3 strength
  5. -3 strength and +5 accuracy, +3 vitality and +3 agility, +3 accuracy
  6. -3 strength and +5 accuracy, +3 strength, -5 strength and +8 survival
  7. +5 vitality, +3 survival, +10 agility
  8. +3 survival and +3 agility, +3 accuracy, -5 accuracy and +8 vitality

Cimmerian Beserkers

  1. +3 vitality and +3 agility, +5 survival and -3 strength, +5 survival
  2. +3 survival, +3 vitality and +3 strength, +10 accuracy
  3. +3 survival and +3 agility, -5 strength and +8 survival, +10 survival <----- um what? 21 survival?

Daicus the Sharp

  1. +5 survival and -3 strength, +5 vitality, - 5 vitality and +8 accuracy

Purge fighters

  1. -3 agility and +5 vitality, -5 accuracy and +8 agility, +3 accuracy
  2. +3 survival and +3 agility, -3 agility and +5 vitality, +8 strength and -5 survival
  3. +3 strength, +3 vitality and +3 agility, +10 strength

You can see there is two, maybe 3 out of 15 that got any kind of “good” perks. I know there is RNG involved, but seriously, this is so horrible, its just another slap in the face. Some of the legendaries from the purge are super rare to find, they should ONLY get + strength, agility and vitality. These new ideas on thrall levels is nice, but whoever thought these perks needs to be fired. Its beyond a joke. How is everyone else faring on theirs, am I the only one with sh*t luck?


dood are those base stats? u even feeding them?

No, those are only the perks. They all received gruel to increase strength. I didn’t include the ending stats on them.

Feeding them doesn’t matter, they’ll get shafted on the leeks anyway. Feeding is important for increasing the stat(s) that you want to get the most levels in, but it isn’t going to make a lick of difference on your perks.

Certainly not, if you look around a bit you’ll find plenty of posts on this topic. Incidentally, your luck is probably not “sh*t”, it’s just the system itself that will generate weird perks more often than not.

It’s difficult to get good perks. Took me 15 followers going to level 15 before I hit Universal soldier perk once. Most of the other perks were mediocre. Some odd perks were niche good.

Didn’t happen for any of my zerkers, dalinsias or votaries though which was depressing.

Got it on my Variant D Scorpion (Queen skin) and now she’s sitting pretty with 900 armor at level 11. Issssokay.

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