Thrall & Pet decay mechanics

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvP
Region: EU

When will Funcom finally get rid off the flying thralls and abandoned pets?
Not only since you decided to discard the thrall feeding mechanic but even before we have to endure thralls of decayed bases and defeated enemys hovering all over the map.
Can Funcom confirm that thralls and pets are supposed to “decay” after not beeing visited/interacted with by the owner for a given time?
Can Funcom confirm that this mechanic is not working as intended on PC right now?
Has Funcom a schedule for fixing this lingering, very annyoing behaviour right now?

eks: * A ton of bugfixes and QoL improvements! (God’s Protection, flying thralls and more!)

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Even if the patch would fix this, it’s just one of the question but it doens’t look like its even fixing the flying thralls. Anyway thanks for the hint.

Issue does not occur after the patch. Thralls will stay floating in the air if they were like that previous the patch, though.

Funcom confirms.


Thank you for your response Ignasis.

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Even if they aren’t ‘flying’ they are still not decaying. Very annoying on pve. The only option is to lure a boss to them which isn’t always an option and if you’re lucky a few will get killed.

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