Thrall/pet feeding system gone

I’ve just logged in after a few days without playing. After downloading the last patch,I noticed that my thralls and my pets just don’t have a feeding system anymore. Their food buff bubble is gone, they do not appear either buffed or in starvation, nothing. I got scared that maybe the last patch was about removing the feeding system from the game, but I can find nothing about this in the latest patch note. When I look into the server “hunger” options, I can see that many have vanished. I don’t have the “exclusive diet” option anymore. What is this? Is this a bug on my side, or did they decided to remove the feeding system?

They decided to implement the most tedious chore feature of ARK, and concluded that people hated it.

Those resources could have been used for vanity slots but you know how it is. Everyone’s an expert until something falls flat on it’s face… then everything is a waste of time. Pride won’t allow for “told you so”.

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