Thrall/pet multipliers?

is there a list of thrall pet and what multipliers they get?

Not an up to date one yet as far as I know, though there are probably posts about it on these very forums or people making personal spreadsheets.
What in particular are you interested in?

Ulric the accursed, Hap-zepah, Sonja, Algrid Swordbreaker I would love to know. Best would be both new multipliers :slight_smile:

I made this:


So ulric the accursed archer is one of the few high vitality thralls that still have a quite good melee multiplier, and a good choice for base defence, right?

Holy damn this is spot on… At first I didn’t believe it (didn’t want to believe it) so I went out and tested my thralls…and wow! My low level accursed zerker now out DPSs my maxed out surge aesir zerker/warriors .

This is so saddening for someone who likes to farm surges on siptah. Basically no point now, I can just go get an easy zerker :confused: how boring…

Oh yea! I raised an eyebrow too when I saw most purge / surge npcs with a pretty average multiplier :stuck_out_tongue:


And holy crap, the Judge and Arena Champion got nerfed. They used to have a like a 10.0 or 9.99 multiplier. Oh well no wonder they aren’t murdering followers in 3.0.

Oh btw, earlier I added some more stuff to it so it’s a bit more useful :slight_smile:

Yes. Firespark81 and Wak4863 have both done videos explaining multipliers on thralls. Search for “Top 5 Thralls” or videos like that on their channels. Very good details.

Yes, however as far as I know, neither Firespark or Wak exported the datatables from the devkit… imported them into an SQL database then typed up a 2 page long query with calculations to come up with a spreadsheet resulting in the listing of all current multipliers in the game for fighter, archer, dancer and bearer thralls :joy:

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Oh wow! :exploding_head: This really changes everything and answers my question in another thread (pity I didn’t find this earlier!). The % Damage Bonus per Stat massively changes things. It certainly makes the vaunted Cim’ Berserker’s 1.12 multiplier near meaningless when they’re getting only 0.4% damage bonus per point of strength. They may get a higher stat compared to most but it will rarely, if ever, be high enough to rival RHTS getting over double that per point of strength.

Thats pretty sweet, do you happen to know the armour multipliers? Id like to feed thralls according to thier strengts

i have a greater hyeena and not sure if str or agil is better for it

If I recall correctly, all animals do damage based on strength. Not sure if that still holds true, but I think so

Animals are a bit more complicated (also different which would require similar work from the ground up aimed at them so can’t mix them in on my NPC sheet).
So basically the way they work is that instead of using weapons, they have several “fake” items in their internal inventories which function as the various attacks… essentially think of it as each attack using a different “hidden” weapon, some might apply bleed… some might sunder… etc. And they pick one of those whenever they perform an attack.
And yea, that gets amplified by strength etc same as for regular NPCs just that their strength usually gives higher damage increase per point (typically 10%)

Anyway, I now updated the above spreadsheet to have the armor of human NPCs before you capture them - so the armor value they use in the wild.

As for the greater hyena, (quick check), they seem to get 34 armor per grit point and 10% damage bonus per strength

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Thank you for sharing. Any chance you would be willing to share insights into your process. I mod and am familiar with the dev kit. I have the separate data tables and have been making stabs at them, but I can’t find references to where the specific thralls get crossed in. I feel like I may be missing a table or two… and sometimes the table naming conventions are not intuitive. Even if you just PM me a list of the tables you use so I can see if I missing a step in my process? (Your table is great, but I like to understand for myself for longevity)

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