Thrall placing distance from Villages. Any way to decrease the distance?

I noticed I can’t set my Thralls down in Guard mod close to a village. Well, not close, a FAR distance from the village, lol. Is there any way in game to decrease the distance so I can set my thralls down closer? Any help would be highly appreciated! Thanks!


Your playing on PC if offline You could use a mod i have a ps4 server but have not seen any thing to change distance. Nothing in game settings looks like it could. Good luck alot of helpful PC players on here. @BigSwede94

We can actually change the distance from the server settings in config files on gportal.

Look for ThrallExclusionRadius. Anything between 50 and 100 works well on my server.


Thanks for the tip. Some of the Gportal settings I have left alone not understanding what they do.

Thanks everyone! Very helpful and much appreciated! :wink:

I’m back… I play Single player, lol, and don’t have GPortal, so I’m back where I started. Anyone have advice on setting Thrall distance from villages for Single player? Sure would appreciate! :smiley:

Go here (or wherever your Conan Exiles game is installed):

Open ServerSettings.ini, you will find it there, change it while your single player game is NOT running:

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Many thanks, friend! And I found it. A bubblegum cigar for you and a hats off, lol!

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Okay, back to square one. I set the Thrall Exclusion Radius to 100 instead of 500, then to 50, but it still didn’t make a difference. I cannot set the thralls down any closer than before. I’m baffled! Anyone have any other suggestions? Thankie!

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