Thrall problems on wheel of pain

I m playing. Single player off line on Xbox one , When I put a archer 3 on the wheel of pain one or other go off the queue and stop the process of making them my thralls. The region is south west. Wanted to say thanks for all the great new dlc and the pet system. Am still having problems with the head of conan being turned off center in 3 person view.Love what you are doing with the game.

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Steps on how to reproduce issue:

I have the same problem. Also playing single player offline. When i put in a third thrall and food and then come back later only one is showing progressing and the other two aren’t in the queue, but I also can’t remove them from the wheel without destroying them.

Same issue here but also meter is moving so slow have over 8 hrs of in game time and thralls are only tiny bit converted. Default settings as well as a taskmaster is on the wheel of pain.

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