Thrall pull function needed!

Hello Everyone,

Since the beginning of time in Conan :rofl: We have had a few bad issues that has been a never ending struggle. One of them is the omg… my Thrall has fall inside the foundation and cant get up again :sob:

There has been many patches that try fix this issue, but all have failed :sleepy:

I would suggest making a pull thralls that are stuck to me command or something like that. Just until you fix this issue, in a few years or so :stuck_out_tongue:

However, i am not sure what would be the best way of doing this? :thinking: The main problem is that you cant reach your thralls because they are under the floor and you don’t want to remove half your base to get one thrall out :fearful:

Maybe make it so it pulls all thralls in an area around you? That might pull thralls that are not stuck tho. What might be better is to showed you a list of your thralls and the distance form you to the thrall and then you could just select it and pull it to you(Please make sure they don’t pull inside you, so you get stuck with the thrall) :yum:

I know this would be a temporary fix, but please consider it :sunglasses: It would make a lot of people happy :hugs:

If people have other suggestions on how to temporary mend this issue, until it’s fixed. Then please comment on this, also leave a comment if you agree. The only way changes get done is if people stand together :sunglasses:

Unlike other devs, cough… cough… Wildcard! Funcom do actually listen to there community. You just need to be a bunch of people to get trough :slight_smile:

/Shepard (Yes, someone stole my name :cry:)

I think there should be a thrall command tab, where you see a list of all the clan thralls and give them specific commands, like move 1 meter, reset position, be aggressive, be neutral, etc!

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“Keep your godamn weapon in your hand” would be a good command to add :slight_smile:


It would be epic if they would make a menu tab for it :slight_smile: I still think the distance should be shown, so you can pull the right one :smiley:

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