Thrall recovery time

So after a week of trying to get Beri at new Asgard I finally find her in the little camp outside. Never seen named thralls there before I kinda almost killed her before I ran off…
How long would it take her and her named entertainer mate to get to full health so I can go clubbing with them?
I hear Beri does an amazing ymca dance… :crazy_face::rofl:

Edit; apparently the answer is about 5 minutes in case you were curious…

Normally for me, so long as i dont use a shield and only a truncheon, even if they are low on health i can still knock them out. Lower tier thralls though I end up killing if they are low on health. Still better safe than sorry!

The few times I damaged a thrall then ran away so it would heal. When i go back the thrall is gone, or replaced with someone else. So now even if i damage them, i still try and knock them out.

Guess I was lucky they were both still there.
But then my base is close enough that they chased/followed me to its walls…

The Thralls that you see in the wild will only persist if you are playing online.

If you are offline, your system will not be able to keep up with all the NPCs. This is the reason that you may not see a thrall that was there.

The game acts the opposite on online, if you knock out a thrall and leave the area, the ko timer will freeze for that koed thrall until a player comes near to trigger the timer.

I use my own dedicated server, where myself and my gf play. Technically it is “online” even though its lan only and i have blocked access from outside my network.

I have noticed that when i leave an area everything seems to go on hold till i come back. Usually i need to get out of render distance or further. So it seems to me it even happens with online servers. I just figured its all related to how far someone is from something. No matter if its online or single player.

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