Thrall reset token

This one isn’t going to touch the limit as we all know thats everywhere and I am trying to find a way so players don’t feel cheated playing the game all this time. What i want to suggest is a limited token that’s given to players that can reset a thrall for the new update. Funcom said that they want players to feel attached to there thralls, what about the ones that we already have grown attached to during the years? I have one thrall that i have had with me from the start that has both saved my life and gotten me killed.
I would suggest more then one token but i am not greedy and even if this wasn’t with the launch of the next update just having it looked at would make some of us players feel like our opinions and contributions matter


some way to trade them in for rng equivalents would be nice.

Yeah… i am sentimentally attached to Vathis… Want him back…would love to trade my token for him

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I feel connected to Cormag, one of my first Thralls from a purge.
He’s the reason why I love to play PvE and call the Nameless City my second home.
I think your idea is really great.
But would rather for 2 tokens.
And if it is not so, I’m not sad either.
Although I have invested a lot of time, I am ready to invest so much time again.

callin them “legacy thralls” implies that you dont gotta throw em away. put em up on a pedestal ;]

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