Thrall Return Command is Really Useless

Game mode: Single-player
Type of issue: Bug | Performance
Server type: PvE
Region: US
Mods?: No

Bug Description:

The Return command simply doesn’t work… Its behavior is so annoying and aggravating.

A thrall is supposed to be following me. I run/ride past enemies. When a thrall gets close to an enemy they want to stop following and attack.

When not in combat, Following should be their first priority, NOT combat.

Return is commanded and the thrall sort-of obeys… I use the Vanity camera to watch the thrall. Although, they may not be running and are falling further behind.

When the thrall gets overwhelmed or surrounded, the thrall will NOT, cannot Return.

When the thrall cannot figure out how to go around an object, they will NOT, cannot Return.

It doesn’t matter how far I am from the thrall, they will NOT, cannot Return and they don’t teleport to get un-stuck.

Expected Behavior:

The Return command should be instantly obeyed, lest the thrall be “punished”… again. This means the thrall should “Stop” what they are doing and start running immediately. If they have fallen so far behind that they cannot even be seen, then they should teleport immediately.

They should obey their master/mistress!

Steps to Reproduce:

Mount your pet.
Have a thrall follow you.
Ride past numerous enemies, e.g. Sandscour Pass
Order the thrall to return in an attempt to keep them focused on obeying the command; don’t stop or sprint.
Continue riding until the thrall cannot be seen (use Vanity camera).
Order them to Return…

Getting a thrall to become stuck is less easy to reproduce but they seem to do it simply enough.
Try having a thrall follow you while you jump over low stone objects, continuing in a straight line; don’t stop or sprint.
Continue running/riding until the thrall cannot be seen (use Vanity camera).
Order them to Return…

Now, when they didn’t return, if you want to see why, just retrace your steps to find the thrall. Then kick and beat them until your anger has subsided… somewhat.

Set your thrall to protect you. it will 9nly aggro if something attacks you or you attack something. That seems to work the best. Also…use stop command before return helps as well.

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I could also command the thrall to attack mothing. Issuing three commands is less than ideal. The Return command should auto Stop, Attack Nothing and Return in a single command.

Hey…just tryna help. Some people may like that there thrall will aggro as it returns. just saying. Use the advice or not… I don’t care really. But for others who read your post, my advice might help.

Not trying to be dismissive of your suggestion. You make a valid point but I need to map Guard and Attack Nothing to some shortcut keys or I’m going to go insane repeatedly dealing with this.

Also, when a thrall gets stuck, they simply will not return or teleport.

This is something I 100% would also like to see fixed…but the pathfinder AI is severely, let us say “special”, for thralls :slight_smile:

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