Thrall stats and perks

When are you guys going to fix the thrall perk distribution and chances of getting specific perks?

I’ve leveled up 7 of my thralls to level 20 and only once have I gotten a level 15 or 20 perk @ level 20. (those perks being a +8, +10 or +15)

Every time my thrall hits level 20, they get a useless perk that reduces the stat I’ve been feeding them and training them to achieve the whole time.

It’s really frustrating and tiring when you can never get a good perk.
I’m not going to spend another 100 hours leveling up another batch of thralls for them all to be useless.

There’s no reason why at level 15 and 20 my thrall is receiving the worst possible perks. Always reducing strength, always increasing accuracy.

Game is literally unplayable and a waste of time.

Realizing how stupid the perk system actually is right now, is another reason to put down the game until you guys fix it.
I’ll just log in once a week or two for decay timers until it’s actually a playable game again.

Hello @Vampurrrism, the system currently in place is intentional, to provide feedback regarding it please start a discussion and involve other players in the Suggestions board, as this section is meant to be used exclusively to discuss patch and game issues.