Thrall stuck in a wall? Tips for surviving the Wallpocalypse

As you have no doubt discovered the 2.2 patch unleashed the most abominable follower AI on us to date. Please share your tips here for getting your follower unstuck. For starters:

  • avoid combat near walls/objects as much as possible. This is a frustrating mess of constantly telling your follower to move into open areas. It’s really great since dungeons are full of tight spaces and mobs with pushback attacks that trap your thrall in a wall
  • move as far as you can from stuck follower and repeatedly tell them to stop and return. A lot. This is not very reliable but sometimes works.
  • traveling a very far distance on horse has a decent chance of getting your thrall to return (though I’ve had them still stuck half way across the map from me)
  • entering/exiting a dungeon will make your thrall return to you
  • the poison is sometimes the cure - pull another mob to your follower and they may do another push attack in a direction that actually frees your follower
  • try different weapons - sometimes if your follower executes a 1h axe or 2h hammer combo it will move them away from the wall
  • kill faster - if you are often inclined to let your follower handle a fight, when you see a situation that looks like it could get your follower trapped jump in and attack to kill the enemies faster (or even to pull aggro onto you so their attacks don’t trap your follower)
  • climb or swim - it seems if your follower has no walkable path to you it triggers a teleport back to you
  • near the end of a vault? attacking the boss will often result in your follower teleporting into battle with you
  • use a pet - I don’t use a lot of pets so don’t know if this issue affects them or not, but I can say that greater jungleclaw can clear vaults and never get stuck in a wall (but constantly mildly stuck up my horse’s rear)

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