Thrall Survival Instinct

I think there should be an option for the player to set a limit when the thrall decides to flee from combat due to damage. Any creature will flee when they take enough damage. Say the player decides that he wants the thrall to retreat from combat when the health drops beneath 10% for example. Or 5%, or no such limit.

It should rest on the player to decide when the thrall flees or not. It might make combat interesting, as the thralls will behave more like a real human being.

thrall mind and will are broken through wheel process, no can do

That’s why it’s up to the player to decide if they can flee or not.

uhum, you have return command, move command… it has to be command

Would be useful on horses now that they no longer defend themselves, one of mine was killed by a cobra that spawned while I was offline :sob: it wasn’t so bad when the horse actually fought back rather than just standing there getting nibbled to death


Yeah, I know what you mean. I have my horse inside the walls on my fortress, so the other thralls deals with anything that comes. Not that anything comes where I have my base (D12 on the east-side of the ridge, very nice spot, you’ll know when you go there)…

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I’ve since built a fully enclosed stable, not letting another horse die that easily again.

Today I lost my best Thrall in Asagarth. I died, tried several times to take back my thrall and stuff, but almost 50 mob were too much. After 20 minutes fighting the thrall died…

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