Thrall Taunt Change

The thrall taunt perk should be moved to a perk location where it is a choice rather than a requirement. Just because a player wants to focus on thralls does not mean they must want the thrall to taunt. If a player wants to play the tank character having their thralls taunt messes everything up. For example, play as a tank but have say two archers as support. The archers will pull all agro and die instantly while you as the tank can do nothing about it.

Thrall taunt is a much needed addition for some playstyles but having it a) mandatory and b) the first perk completely takes choice away from the players.

You can turn Taunt off for a specific thrall, hold ā€˜Eā€™ on the thrall to access the option.


DaVice, if this is true, you are a blessed hero. That feature needs to be more clearly pointed out. I would give you Steam award points if I could. Thank you 1,000.


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