Thrall took almost two hours to repsawn at base

Last night died in Warmakers Thrall took almost two full hours to re-spawn at the base last night with the keys. ANY other time I had died and had to wait on the thrall it took at the MOST! 16 mins. Cause of her taking almost two full hours to return to the base I lost everything. 23.23 to 01.15 that was the gap it took for her to repsawn. Every other time Ive died in this place, 16mins. and I got my stuff back… Two hours…(Im being nice here)

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This is a bug. the work around seems to be to log off then back on.
Fun fact, if you are around when the thrall starts to return home, it actually runs. I know this because i died and it took me a bit of time, 15 minutes, to get to where my body was. when i ran toward my marker, the thrall ran by me to the last place i put him on guard. Hilarious, because it was raid time and i was trying to id the player that just ran by me :slight_smile:

Did u grab another one? If u do, the old insta ports back to base.

Interesting strategy, keeping the keys on a thrall so that if you die you can get back to your gear, I have to admit I hadn’t thought of that.

Usually I find that they won’t return while you are in render range, next time maybe try going away from base and then back.

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