Thrall transport QoL

You should be able to pull multiple thralls on rope if you have multiple ropes in your inventory. Help prevent structure spam. Let us pull 2-3 thralls at a time!

I’ve wished we could pass off one unconscious NPC to your follower to haul. If you had the skill you could pass off to two followers.

Or maybe if you give them a chord; fiber leather chain, and order then to grab, like an attack order. They grag and drag your new friend.

But that wont stop the spam. On the PVE server I’m on there are a couple of obelisks with no less then 3 open maprooms :roll_eyes:

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I suspect this wouldn’t be super reliable. I remember trying to have them carry a torch. It worked well enough, until they’d put it away. I see this happening with the bindings.

Yet I have seen thralls get stuck in battle mode :smile:

Yeah, exactly my point. Their AI isn’t the most reliable. :roll_eyes:

There’s a mod (Better Thralls) that allows you to hand over a bound thrall to a follower, even to your horse.
I’m not sure how well it reacts to going through portals, so I always take control of it at that point. But I have found that the old “game freezes while dragging a thrall on a horse” bug never happens to me if I hand it over to my horse.
So, with that mod, you can drag one thrall yourself and have your follower and horse each dragging one.

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Either way just let us pull more than one thrall. People build a wheels of pain on the npc camps would rather them take everything they want at one time so they get them to their base without needing to come back. Also the sorcery stuff requires a lot of thrall taking.

I play official servers unfortunately.

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