Thrall visible on the map but I cant see her in game

Hi guys, so I always leave my best thrall just outside my bedroom when I finish playing.
That is what I did yesterday.
Today I can see her on the list and on the map, but can’t find her in game.
I tried to look inside the walls and under the meshes in ghost mode - nothing.
Server restarts do not help.

Any ideas?

Looks like common case of “thrallus invisibilis”.

Have you tried looking all the way down, like 300 blocks deep? There is a under mech sea, where thralls commonly float after they have fallen through terrain.
If he is not there - try flying up to the sky to see if he s been floating above your base.

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You were right, she was deep deep under my base. I did not think to go so deep to look for her.

Thank you! :trophy:

When dwarves dig too deep they find a balrog.

When Funcom digs too deep, our thralls fall into where there should be balrogs.

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