Thrall vs pets, i just dont get it

just as a random question, did the perks receive an overhaul at some point? I’m getting what I thought were level 10 perks on 90% of the level 20 thralls I’ve levelled up so far on this play-through. Things like +3 Vitality at level 20 seem to be the norm.

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Its always been that way according to the perk table. That’s just bad luck.

Perk level has always been the minimum level you can get it, not the absolute level. So you can get a level 10 Perk at levels 10, 15 and 20.

I seem to be getting a lot of Jack-of-all-trades perks (+1 to all stats) at level 10 these days.


I got the most “universal warrior” on horses :rofl::rofl::rofl:.
I remember spending endless hours to find a way to crash this system, i was convinced that they left a window open, or even a gap, so i would surely and mainly had the perks i needed… In vain! Months of research, to the trash can. It didn’t broke my moral however, just put me on my chair, it echoes in my ears “there’s your chair, sit down and shut up”.
But i am not convinced yet!

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That would lead to one of two things.

  1. people would just scour noob river for Deidre and not risk fighting a beserker.
  2. A nerf of the higher tier thralls because of the ease of capture noob river t4’s.

But as i have pointed out, this conflicts with the other design element of the game of easy leveling and therefore access to end game items faster. There is a disconnect between these two principles if pets are to be considered early-mid game followers (and taking 5-6 hours to tame and getting lucky enough to get a greater variant in that time) and the ability to max out within 2 days.

Pets would then just be considered cosmetic in this case with these two precepts.

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It’s damn easy to knock out a berserker. If you placed easier t4s inside well populated camps, that might make them think twice.
Fact is, you’re only a noob for so long. Then you have ALL the rest that comes after.
Pets are a matter of personal taste. For me, they are decorative. I used to take Brutus to hunt big game. That was all, since he couldn’t be knocked down and had a hell of a bite (but no aeo attacks, so not that good for killing humanoids).

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It’s far easier to knock out a Deidre and that is the issue with your plan. If they remain the same as NPC’s but provide equal fighter thrall, then there is no reason to get anything from north of row 5 on the map.

Yeah, but you can catch a zerker ALONE, in a fixed spawn. What I’m suggesting is that easier to catch t4s should have the company of t3s, for instance. Groups are your worse enemy on Conan.

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You can catch a T4 Exile fighter at a fixed spawn, too. You may need to save him/her from a crocodile, though, but other than that, they’re alone too.

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Yes, and another fighting a shaelback, etc. They’re a good source of your first armor when you exit the desert. That would have to be well thought. They couldn’t be have easy access.

Never understood way I could save fuel in a furnace after I had amassed tens of thousands of coal. Sure could of used that perk way earlier on.

This one would agree…
However, taming pets has a higher minimum level than enslaving enemies.
To unlock pet taming, one must already have learned how to take slaves. The first follower is most likely a humanoid because the Thrall Taker feat is available first and is a prerequisite for learning Apprentice Tamer.

If pets are supposed to be babies’ first followers, then the animal pen should be the first feat in the Thrall Taker feat line or Beastmastery should be a separate feat group.


I agree! I remember when i started the game, my “noobish” desire to treat my little pet the best way possible, was to fill the animal pen with goodies! You can understand my disappointment when i find out that this pet needed just one piece of meat to become adult from baby… Lots of small disappointments this game provided me at the very beginning!

(off topic) There is still one great… The game hides very handy “secrets”, that a new player will learn them only by accident in a level that’s not useful anymore. Ofcurce this knowledge is rewarding only if you restart a character, which is ok, but still gives you a disappointment when you find out things that they are not useful in your current progress!
(off topic closed)

It’s years now the conversation about pets, armory on them, Beastmastery etc…
Instead of upgrade we take nerf… Why? Because the game has so far the policy to stay away from P2WIN and has other priorities than pets, it’s obvious! Do i agree? Who cares actually :laughing:, but for honor i will say no, i disagree! I would love a buff on pets, why not! Would i use pets? Barely! I don’t use zombies either, or beasts or mounts or thralls! But that’s my new playstyle, i love my freedom in the map, i earn it all these years, so i take my share and finally play free, out of bounds! My console issues and my love for this game pushed me this way and i change 180 degrees! Am i happy? Never better, never ever!

Why did i go so off topic? First because YOU, THIS ONE, @LostBrythunian, is a person i am honored meeting in this Forum and i know that you from really less people in here, can see beyond these lines! Every reply from you is a bliss fir me all this time, Thank you wholeheartedly and Merry Christmas! I love Famous Crouse scotch! I know it’s a cheap one and surely there are hundreds better whiskeys out there for festive occasions, but i like it and it’s all i need. Tomorrow i will raise a glass for you my dear friend!

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