Thrall Wars Roleplay Server. Showcase of the famous Mod

Thrall Wars (18+ Role-play - Adult - PVPVE - Stories – Thralls – Two linked maps: Exiled Lands and Savage Wilds mod)

Thrall Wars (18+ Role-play - Adult - PVPVE - Stories – Thralls – Real dungeons - Real loot) PVP Age Restrictions:18 + Location of Server: EU
Max capacity of server: 70
Discord Server: Thrall wars
Is the server pass worded or open? Open.
Normal population ranges from 30 to 60 players

Server Settings XP rate: 4 Gathering Rate: 4 Day/Night Ratio: 1/1 Hunger/Thirst settings: 0.5/0.3 Drop Equipment on Death: no God Avatars Enabled: no Containers Ignore Ownership: no The Purge Activated: no

Peak Play Times: 5pm to 2am GMT

Does the Server use Mods? yes Mods List: Steam Workshop::Thrall Wars

Is there an application to join the server? no

Server Lore: “Standard” Lore plus own mod and dungeon related lore. Server Ruleset: This is primarily a RP server. No pvp before RP. Need IC reasons for raids. Fair building rules.

Welcome to Thrall Wars

We focus on player led conflict, actions, events.
It is an RP heavy server that is home to the Thrall wars mod. It caters to all RP and we welcome everybody craftsmen, merchants, warriors, slavers and slaves alike.
This server offers a host of carefully selected mods to maximize your in game enjoyment. The server offers admin created dungeons with custom bosses that stem from the Thrall War movie. We offer custom gathering rates, active admins and a great community. We also feature a higher tier of weapons and armor to choose from and our own loot system to go along with our dungeons.

Come and join our Discord.