Thrall weapon and movement suggestion

When i equip a thrall I would like the weapon, tool, shield, torch to stay equipped can it be turned into a slot like armor.

can we get a STOP command for our thralls maybee a clap, whistle, or just yelling stop.

lastly I was a soldier for over 20 years it is not nearly a difficult to see at night as the game makes it. the Defari Night Stalker mask is close to actual night vision when you are not exposed to city light pollution.

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i m on ps4 it has a slot on the right for weapons like armor on the left. but they dont always keep it up. also if we (on ps4) hold the interact button we can tell them to stop following. lastly, i turn the gamma way up on my old tv for night it does kinda suck.

Where were you posted? Up here in the north, it gets basically pitch black on a cloudy night in late autumn before there’s snow. Sitting at your guard post in the dark forest in the middle of the night, listening to all those snaps, cracks, hoots, howls, rumbles and whistles coming from all around you is bloody creepy. (We didn’t even have any night vision gear back then.)

My postings… the jungles of Panama, the mountains of south Korea, the deserts of the middle east, Germany, Italy, and the Republic of Georgia and numerous others. (24 years service) ( and i have been an avid hunter all of my life so I am quite use to life outside at night) The key is light pollution which makes seeing at night difficult due to the fire light, lamp light, street lights, etc, reducing the eye’s sensitivity.

Welcome to a deep Finnish forest in late November. You’ll learn the meaning of “dark”.

The darkest place, outdoor, I’ve seen is on the sea far away any lands by a cloudy new moon night. With all the light shut on my sailing boat, there was no source of light.

The use of modern lighting in homes, streets and stores reduces the human Eye’s ability to see at night by as much as 80%, the same is true for looking directly into bright light.
Repeated exposure to bright light, such as used for city streets, stores etc., has a prolonged effect, it can take upto 10 days for the human eye to return to normal night vision.
One of the reasons aviation glass first came into being in the 1930’s was to protect protect the eyes and the draker lenses was to protect night vision.

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