Thrall with no stats

I recently got a named bearer named tychos I believe it is…

He had no stat points at all so no strength or anything and also he had a 0% chance to gain stats…

Only if I put a food item on him would it say he had a percentage to gain that specific foods stat…

Is this a bug… or does this thrall actually have no stats at all?

I also leveled him to lvl 5 and he has gained no stats at all


Did you use admin commands to aquire Mr Statless? There’s a handful of potential thralls in the admin list that don’t have stats.

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PvP ? pve from decayed base ? This reaction of Thralls reminds me the follower 1 system where all the old thralls had no stat panel . Or maybe I am wrong and you are dealing with a bug , where did you say that you farm him again ?

Is this IoS? I have never heard of Tychos and neither has the wikki.

official server… was bearer tychos or tychas… something like that… and literally no stats and no percent to get stats…

so no mods either… no admin commands this was on official…

Base got raided and he didnt make it lol but if anyone has had a no stat thrall issue let me know I can only assume its a bug or maybe I just found this really rare bearer with no stats lol

it’s been a thing , when the follower leveling system was first introduced ( before thralls would not level up , and was defined by their strengh and HP " out of the box " ) , some thralls were “buged” or left out of the pool , and had this 0% in each stats . So yes I would make a bug report with the specific name of this thralls ( since they only take their stats on placement , the fact that you placed it down recently means he stills needs attention to be not bugged )

This doesn’t answer the question of where exactly did you farm the bearer ? Camp ? Wanderer on the starting River ? Or you steal someones decaying base ?

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