Thralls abandoned me?


So I just started up Conan again after about a month plus away from the game. At the time I left I had a nice loaded t3 base with a small army of thralls. It seems we have finally gotten the update (Thank you Funcom). Now I have a loaded t3 base with no thralls and a ticking purge meter. Lian is the only one who stuck around but he refuses to equip his weapon. Most non combat thralls stayed but not all. Is there a thrall limit now? I’m thinking I’m about to get rolled over.
XBox version btw.


Well… after being fed gruel, tortured on a wheel, and left alone for 1 month, anyone would leave :stuck_out_tongue:
Lian’s just into that. :smiley:


I figured it out. Was just a couple a-holes sniping. Would be nice if this was addressed on pve servers. Players could simply wipe out the defenders and let the purges finish the job.


Yes its to easy to kill other thralls and loot them compare to the work you have to put in to brack and equip them.