Thralls and constructions disappear randomly



We have a clan with a friend on an official PVE server (playstation). Sometimes things just disappear. For example the very first day I got my first Rhino mount she disaapeared during the next offline time. Well that was fine because it was only one very low lvl thrall with no loot in her inventory. Weeks go by no problem.

This morning when we started to play we realised tha multiple high level thralls with nice gear are missing. And so is our reinforced animal pen full of spiders. At first I tought they were just invisible (which happens sometimes) but then you could not walk through it. Also the thralls are missing from the followers list.

This was a huge effort we lost for whatever reason. Is there a way to fix this / prevent this from happening again?

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Greetings Exile,

Thank you for reaching out to us. Can you share the server number, please?

Also, please share the clan and character names.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi, Thank you for a quick reply!

PVE server we play on is: Official server #3066

Clan: Raimon kalat

Characters: El Reino, Ritva-Liisa

Kind Regards,
El Reino

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We have constantly also lost fence pieces but we tought that maybe a wolf destroyed it. Which is why we placed an ice giant to guard the fence. The problem stopped for a while until the ice giant disappeared with other thralls. Today we opened the game and we are lacking fence and road pieces also on the other side of the main camp. Any idea why all these things keep disaapearing?

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Recomendo que ao fazer a construção confira o tempo usando um martelo de reparos, assim que for equipado ao se aproximar de qualquer construção poderá ver algumas informações como propriedade, clã e tempo da construção porém não podemos fazer o mesmo até o momento para seguidores e pets :relieved:


Yeah I know I can check the time but as I say we have just started playing this game so these things should not have decayed. The animal pen decayed in like let’s say 3 days or something😅

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