Thralls and idle actions

Just a small flavor addon that I think people would enjoy, especially for performers.
Introduce instruction pamphlets that can
A) Teach the player a new emote or dance, (just 1)
B) Be placed in a thralls inventory and have them cycle through any emote or dance pamphlets in their inventory whenever a thrall would normally change their dance etc.
In this way, players can have their performers doing specific dances, have an audience clapping and cheering etc.

For dance pamphlets, you can have them only lootable from broken, (not killed), performer thralls in the same way you can get the bearer pack from a bearer. You catch one in the wild doing a dance, they will have that dance.
I saw a comment a moment ago that would work in the same vein, musical instruments could be added to performer thrall loot, when added to a performers inventory they will play instead of dance.


That is a good idea. I would pay for a dlc like that.

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