Thralls and orbs

I would like to equip my thralls with orbs for base defence…Even better yet having a new thrall for this purpose would be great. Also setting dancers dance would be nice. Tameable skeletons, Steel spike walls, and the BEST idea would be for clan logs to work Thx.

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I agre on a thtall who is an “orb thrower”

Tame skeletons is an awesome idea, but it should come with sorcery if we ever get it. Everything skeleton should come with sorcery to be the ultimate necromancer. First order of business with sorcery is a light or lamp on your belt hands free to roam the night! Corruption vs. the improvised torch, hmm. At least let us build a lantern for long term use, because on my server it’s often night.

Orb thrower with a belt full of baubles sounds neat, spear chucker too bundle of spears under one arm and just throwing them in the other. Setting the dance would be cool so long as you have learned it as well as emotes you’ve learned.

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