Thralls and Pets getting stuck in player's legs on angled surfaces, also players/followers in large enemy legs

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1.Since we started playing the new map, we noticed thralls getting stuck in our legs and rendering us unable to move until we jump out of the location pin.
2.It is always happening when a human thrall follower on angled surfaces, like stairs, slopes and roofs
3.It is also happening to both human and animal followers when fighting large scale enemies, like rhinos, elephants, and large vault bosses.
4. Us, the players, get stuck under the enemies head or between the front legs, and can only escape by jumping out of it. This happening while out of stamina results in certain death each time, as the enemy does not respond to the aggro from other players around.

I suspect the character radius intersects with the other and they remain stuck until the jump is applied, if possible.

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