Thralls and their preferred weapons

I’m incredibly curious lately, is it only very specific thralls who use more than just one hit/jab/stab and such? Or is it meant to be ALL thralls who has preferred weapons? Because it seems odd to me, that thralls wouldn’t fight “regularly” when attacked… Like, almost to the point of immersion breaking that they don’t do anything except just one way of attacking and not using more of the combo system…

Now, should anyone know and be able to tell me, that’d be nice… Because I’ve tried testing it in SP and couldn’t figure anything out… Do bearers have any “preferred weapons”? Do they have so depending on the T4 they are? Because I can’t figure out which weapon Eina the Light might actually wish to use “more of” so far :slight_smile:

In advance, thanks for any help or info ^^ loving the overall changes and the game, just sort of sad there isn’t any indicator at all


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Ohhhh… Right, many excuses O.o forgotten about that thread…
Thanks mate!

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