Thralls Appearing VERY Incorrectly After Breaking!

Awesome! Thankyou kindly Zeb.

I have tried that for over a week now, but to no avail. This glitch seems to function differently in Offline Singleplayer, as in it seems to be permanent.


did ya try reloading the cache by exiting the server from that far away??

Quite possibly, it was a while ago now. I have resumed from just outside of dungeons then travelled home. I have also travelled away on the map and back again and tried removing them from crafting stations, putting them in storage, then logging back in after a couple of days and putting them back. I already ditched her. I have two more thralls breaking on the wheel of pain at the moment, including a new Hoshun the Fang. I will see how they turn out.

good luck dood 8]

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Actually saw my thrall get up one time and go into that T pose :sweat_smile: #IQUIT!