Thralls can not be damaged

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Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug
Region: Near the Pirate Ship
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I have had several instances where thralls can not be damaged when under the large tents. I am using a pike when attempting to hit them. If i move out of the area and switch to a bow i can damage them but they will not take damage from a melee weapon. I’ve noticed the blacksmith thrall in the sand pit area has this bug alot. they will also be caught on the anvil so they will not move away from then tent. Most thralls once away from the tents can be damaged but they will not take any damage while under the tent. The only ways i’ve been able to reset the thralls is to kill from a distance.

also having issues with dodging and then instantly being transported back to where i started the dodge action although this may be due to lag.

I’m using an xbox one on a U.S. server and this issue is occurring on a pve server

Repro steps:

I have this same problem but I do not use bows or have not yet so when they have bows I have to move far out to force them to move forward so that I can finally do damage if they don’t go back under the tents. Its really annoying but not having the dodge issue that may be lag for you.