Thralls died event log says i killed them


i removed bracelet for respawning bad my followers died at this time they were in base than i checked event log. it says i killed them how it can be possible ? i lost one 18lvl one 6 lvl dalinsia is it multiple thrall bug or what. also they were not following me when i killed myself because i was testing new golem stuff
and i want to upload screenshot funcom forums doesnt let me upload because i just created funcom account im playing since beta now how can i show you if you dont let me post screenshot dear funcom

https ://

i just lost 2 more thralls im %100 sure remove bracelet also killing them

Greetings COLDBLooD!
Thank you for reporting the situation regarding your dead Thralls.

You are now able to share screenshots/videos in your future posts, including this one. If you can, please share it so that our team can assess the issue properly.

Additionally, are you playing in an Official Server or a Private server? If you’re playing on a Private Server are you perhaps using mods?

Thank you in advance!

Do you have the level 10 corrupted Authority perk that splits damage to your thralls (Flesh Bond)? That might be the cause.

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