Thralls died from thrall pot



Game mode: [ Singleplayer]
Problem: [| Bug ]
Region: [United States]
First and foremost I want to say that I’ve been playing this game through its beta phase for going on a year now. I have put up with the time where the resources wouldn’t populate months ago. I put up with it. However , I have built a large city with so many thralls. Some AS HOLE PROGRAMMER decided to yet again change sh t. So what do you do… hmm let’s f cking Feed the thralls. Well hey I was like wow this is ridiculous at this point until I found the thrall pot. Then, I thought well this is manageable. So I spent hours last night setting up food and all the thralls were fine. Well, I just had yet another crash and allllll the food timers were set to 0 from 7 days instantly. Then , I watched months of hard work disappear all at once because of you. F CKTARDS. seriously. I’ve held my peace for a long time but f ck you guys really. From an engineers point of view , we test our sh t before releasing the product. Thanks for releasing a sh tty final product. Fu k you. Fu k you. Fu k you. If I can somehow stop people from buying your sh t then I will do my very best by doing so. Unless you can give me all of my thralls back and ensure this never happens again then I will apologize and say hey everything is cool. But hey stop changing sh t because the game is finalized now ! Fu King product development guys. Sh t. It’s like product engineers wanting to change the final fu King product once we already have the machines ready to build it. This isn’t in development any longer. Get your hands off this s$&@

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Good morning and I can only imagine how frustrating that incident must have been.

I’ll be trying to help you as best as I can but I do need some additional information so our team can look into what might have caused the crash.

  • What server are you playing on or is it SP as tagged in the title?
  • Did you get any kind of error message on the PS4?
  • Do you remember what you were doing when the crash happened?
  • Which location were you at?

Also I really do understand the frustration but please try to keep posts civil so we can work together in getting these issues addressed asap. :slight_smile:


I’m new to this forum. I shouldn’t have picked ps4; it was the Xbox one. This is single player. So long story short the flood valley area below the dammed lake and aqueduct is where I had a fairly large town full of people. The game will often crash on me at the lake beside the cabin. Sometimes the cabin will not populate an dwhen this happens the game will crash on me. When I loaded the game again that is when the thral pots reset from a full 8 days to 0 seconds. There was nothing I could do. Any food didn’t help including the food that was in their “diet”. However , the game will crash at several locations. Another one is at a little distance down river from the hand of the maker.


All right, thank you and yeah, we do know there are issues with Xbox.
We are actually focusing on xbox crashes for this week.


So what can be done about my losses? Is there any way that you guys can restock what I’ve lost someway at some point ? That would be great


If it is single player, use the admin function, and spawn in npcs as thralls. That should help recover your losses.


Hey, thanks for the feedback. How do I access this function on Xbox one? I didn’t know there was a such feature. Thanks


Figured it out. Wow. Another world.


Noticed that there is a thrall diet enable box on server settings but disabling it still doesn’t drop the thrall diet system in game


Sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner, glad you were able to figure it out. I’m not sure you can disable thrall/pet feeding systems completely. I haven’t played around with it much. Hopefully you dont have any more hiccups like the last one. But at least now you can recoup your losses :slight_smile:


PS4 - PVE - Server 3535

Thrall Feeding issues
1 - Cannot scroll through the list of thralls being served by each thrall pot

2 - Thralls appear to be duplicating on adjacent thrall pots

3 - Food disappears rom the thrall pot but does not appear in thralls inventory

4 - Time-left timers are refreshing inconsistently so some thralls having just been fed reflect 6 + days of survival while other thralls adjacent to the have only 2 days left

Thrall feeding is inconsistent and untrustworthy. I have spent a lot of time building and populating my settlement and frankly this needs to be fixed or removed for me to continue playing this game.


Klyell I feel your pain. I had just loaded archer towers up when the update happened. Shortly after restarting the game over 30 thralls started exploding one by one until all combat thralls were dead. My base literally ran red with the blood of my own army and all I could do was stand there and watch. I have since unchecked that server setting that enables the hunger system. My thralls have a constant 100 food reading in the green circle, it never decays so the hunger system is indeed disabled. I can now do what I enjoy doing which is exploring and adventuring, not watching my army explode or grocery hunting for NPC’s. I would also recommend while your there to uncheck the “drop gear on death” option as well. I have no problem with having to go back and reclaim my gear but the game on PS4 has a problem with keeping proper track of it. After losing all my gear repeatedly that option got unchecked as well.


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