Thralls disappeared on guard from my base

Game mode: [ Online official ]
Type of issue: [ Bug ]
Server type: [ PvP ]
Region: [ Europe ]
Hardware: [ Xbox One S ]

Bug Description:

  • After every server restart one of my thrall, randomly, become invisible and i’m unable to interact with it. The tracker says that it is in the same spot but there’s no trace of it. This is frustrating since everytime i must rescue it and loose all of it’s high tier equipment. Not to mention thralls falling into the ground and die for no reason. Fix it please, i lost many thralls and gear from bug like this.

Official server #2204 PvP *

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He sunken under, beyond ground deep under map, this is major bug, funcom need to give us a solution to recall those thrall on ground with their gear, problem is now here for more than 2 months, and lots of threads about this problzm.

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I’ve had a couple of thralls move away from their assigned positions since 2.4.4 update upon first loading up the game - archer not wanting to stay in her archery tower, a couple of melee fighters preferring to oggle the dancing girls instead of standing on their assigned spot. Had one thrall,who wasn’t standing on a foundation piece, decide to chillout for a smoko break next to a rock 200ft below the map surface. Had to use ghost mode to fetch her.

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I Have exact the same issue since that update and lost already 2 thralls because of this behaviour.
each time i log back in, the thralls has left their assigned positions and are far away from their assigned positions. Each time the srever restarts the event log says something “thrall xyz returned to home base”
what is silly, as the should have never left the base…

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