Thralls disappearing after removing and reattaching bonds

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: bug
Region: america

When using fiber bindings, I’ll deattach to fight something and reattach and he thrall glitches out and completely disappears.

Kinda sucks. Lost a level 3 blacksmith halfway to base. Lost Vatessa the Potent at the start of my journey. Hopefully this doesn’t take two weeks to fix…

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.knock out a thrall
2.attach your rope
4.reattach and watch it disappear

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Happened to me last night. Finally found my named alchemist. Got all the way back to the area of my base. For some reason this hyena was buggy and followed me back. Not wanting my Thralls to wig out about it I stopped and detachted the capture rope to dispose of the hyena. The unconscious alchemist did a dolphin hop and then fell through the world …