Thralls don't decay fast enough

I often see thralls floating above a previously existing base. Should they not decay shortly after the structure does? I realize that the thrall pot has to decay first and then they should have 7 days of food yet, but they are definitely hanging around longer than that. And on PvE servers, there is no way to get rid of them.


I agree. The same with pets.

I am running around on US3 and see thralls/pets everywhere, but there is no structure anywhere near them and no thrall pot/feeding box.

At least on the US1 - PvP, I can eliminate them during raid hours.

Maybe they had extra food in their inventory.

Bearer thralls can be loaded with weeks or even months’ worth of food, so if it’s those kinds of thralls, they may stick around for a long time.

I am mostly seeing fighters/archers/dancers. The bearer issue also does not apply to the pets, which are everywhere.

Yeah fair enough, it’s not a new bug by any means.

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