Thralls don't return after 1.52 patch

Game mode: Online | Singleplayer
Problem: thralls don’t return after this patch 1.52
It’s a little stressful, it takes time to find a good thrall, it takes a long time for him to level up and suddenly the game makes the biblical rapture in the thrall :smile:

My tamed tiger (12th level) disappeared simply, it was following me and then…
vanished: no death, no corpse, no event log…
Nothing, nada, niente.


Hey @Chris_of_Kali, did the thrall eventually make it back to it’s last guarding position?

Were there any related messages on your Event Log?

Sometimes it takes them a while to find their way back, and if there are no messages stating it has died in the Event Log it’s most likely that it still lives.

both the event log and the food jar for the thralls are pointing out that she is alive. I’m feeding a ghost for now :smile:

I had suggested that an animal sniff to maintain a logic for the time of the game’s history, but a faster way could be a location marker on the map. I think that in my case she “became the invisible woman” because I went to all the last places and paths that I went through before and after she died and the record says that she went back to base and as I said before, the food jar too is feeding her.

@Chris_of_Kali Lost my favorite thrall AnnGee Parked her log out in my bedroom. Come back next day she is gone. Nothing in event log look all over. Check thrall pots showing she is in a area between 2 .Go into ghost mode run around through building nothing. I own server. Several days later game froze I show up in my bedroom there she is
I now park her and another favorite outside on the ground nothing to sink into. Standing in the grass.

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I will try the ghost mode, maybe it is underground … for some reason

Did not work. It was even taken by one of the game gods :smile:

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Let’s hope they return her in tribute of her warrior skills.

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