Thralls engaging in "fisticuffs"

After spending a few years exploring the Exiled Lands recently I started my first game on Siptah (on the test server, so currently patch 2.6). I notice that my thrall imagines himself something of a pugilist and engages in fisticuffs in spite of having a perfectly serviceable weapon on him. The crocodiles tend to not take much notice of being punched, leaving me to do all the work.

Is this a bug? Perhaps related to the new (and nice) feature of thralls putting their weapon away when not engaged in combat? This is a thrall that I released from a cage.

Any relation to the xx_Unarmed_Left_xx (etc.) I am finding on these thralls?

Regards, C.



If that’s just a ‘bag’ that appears in their inventory sometimes, that shouldn’t be anything to worry about. As far as I understand it, sometimes followers attack animations show up in this form - apparently you can just throw them away with no problem.

Regarding the ‘fisticuffs’ - I’ve been noticing the same on testlive Exiled Lands - seems to happen with any of my thralls. I suspect you are correct - it does feel like it might be related to the ‘putting weapons away’ feature, since that feels like it can happen quite quickly. I wonder if maybe it’s something like there’s a just long enough break in combat for them to start putting their weapon away, then they get attacked again but haven’t quite finished putting the weapon away so now can’t draw it again?


A plausible explanation. I hope Funcom fixes that before the release this coming week on the 21st (from what I hear) because there are situations where I rely on my thrall sharing the combat load.


Most definitely - Tarman got me killed in the Sunken City the other day by sulking in the corner at the wrong moment, lol.

I remember that, lol. Back when I first figured out that Axe plus throwing axe could work as a dual wield combo, I tired it on a thrall as well to see if he could do it. Let’s just say I was really glad I just gave him a stack of stone throwing axes to test it with instead of something valuable :slight_smile:

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