Thralls Falling Out of the Sky, No Vortex for Me (but other team member can see it)

I can see the huge Maelstrom in the middle of the map that comes and goes and I can see some smaller tornado’s spread around, but twice tonight I’ve seen people falling out of the sky and my teammate says they fell out of a hole and he can see parts of the old map through the hole…but all I saw were a few people falling never seen the hole they fell out of.

I’m pretty sure I can hear the vortex sounds where the people fell from (kinda hard to hear with the maelstrom so loud), just no image of it.

Anyone else see people falling from the sky and not have a vortex above them?

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what graphics settings are you running…
I know before I upgraded my computer I could only play on low graphics and now that I have a computer that runs on the high/ultra settings …
OMG the difference! ! There are things out there I have never seen… sand storms are soo much different now too… it is a whole new world on ultra settings.

I have everything on Ultra setting everything maxed out.

When I went to play again, everything looked fine, got all the tornados and could see everything and then another time I go to play the game, some of the tornados are missing again.

I can see them on the map and go to the location and hear the wind sounds they make, but it’s just a group of thralls on the ground for me…I’d say 20% of the time now.

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